Why Us

Why Us

Why Us

  • Get Benefit from the Myriad Private Investigation Services Offered
  • Why want a private investigation?

When you try to find a relative person, a lost friend or a debtor, doubt that your business associates are not honest, suspect that your partner or spouse is not faithful or wish to have someone checked out. No matter what the case is, our private investigation is the right solution for you.

As the name suggests, our investigations are private as we are concerned with situations or people directly affecting us. These include children, spouses, lovers, maidservants, friends, or individuals. Our private investigation services are very complicated and confidential cases requiring the services of experienced experts proficient in this field since the entire private investigations are sensitive.

An investigation by our professional private detective agent:

Professional private detective agents will make use of certain methods to find the missing individual,

  • Escapee revival agent is inquiries who are specialists in finding runaway nonpayers and criminals. 
  • Capture on tape and observation
  • Penetrating mortuaries and hospitals

Services covered by private investigation services:

The end of the marriage is something very traumatic and private. Our professional private investigators will work with you to get the evidence you want. 

Whether you want proof of a cheating partner or lover or need legal proof of the insurance claims or worker's compensation, our insurance investigators employ all legal means appropriate to explore and record the evidence wanted.

Private investigation service will place or spouse under surveillance. We provide you with a documented written report on where they are located currently, with whom they stay and what they do right now. In some cases, we also produce photos and DVD videos.

Our private investigation services can find hidden assets. Usually, a spouse will obscure assets and money, expecting a divorce. Our private investigators will find the property, bank accounts, brokerage accounts and safety deposits. 

Matters related to custody:
Lifestyle and custody investigations are vital. You have to protect your kids. If you panic that your children will be in a dangerous or bad environment due to pending custody matters or during visitation when you have custody, you have to prove that your fears are substantial and real. Our private investigators make surveillance to get your evidence in custody matters. We document the lifestyle of the other party for any inappropriate behaviour.

Most divorce verdicts and separation agreements enable the reduction or termination of spousal support or alimony when the former spouse stays with another person of the opposite sex. Ourprivate investigators will prove that your partner is dishonest and in a bad relationship by residing with a secret partner. Updated equipment:
Our expert private inquiry detectives always use advanced equipment to collect true information. A device is used where long-range services can be used for the alert alleged person. A mobile phone detector is the best equipment for long-range communications since it can provide the long-communication for detectives to find certain secret matters easily.