Video and still photography

Video and still photography

Video and still photography

Surveying and Evidence collection play an important part in the professional detective agency. Are you looking for the best Video and still photography service for getting accurate evidence? We at Inquisitor International Inc assure you in providing you with valid proof/evidence with video and audio tapes. Team of investigation agents collects all the information or the evidence regarding the individual with valid Video and still photography proof.

An Ultimate Service:
Inquisitor International Inc is the leading detective and investigation team that use advanced technology like secret agent cameras, Bluetooth devices, wireless mic and more. It will be a suitable option for acquiring the proofs and evidence with the latest technology. Clean photographs and videos are guaranteed by the experts.

Confidentiality To The Highest:
Our team especially believes in supplying robust and precious proof. The Judicial of India requires the evidence of proof in the form of audios/motion pictures/photographs. Our team continues secrecy and ensures confidentiality will no longer be divulged everywhere. Inquisitor International Inc has experienced and smart detectives ready to work on your case. We hold 100% secrecy, so your name will not be disclosed to anyone.

Why Choose Us?
We are the leading detective and investigation team in the present-day era. Our detectives use advanced spy cameras, spy Bluetooth and many others. We satisfy clients by supplying strong and precious proof. You can easily reap the proof against concern as these are clear images. These proofs will be submitted in the shape of audio, films as well as photos.

We follow the Observation and close watching based on the protocol, and our surveillance methods are unique. Evidence collection is not a simple task as it involves video recording the target’s daily activities. Our team is well versed in dealing with this Evidence Collection and tailing to record their activities under surveillance.

a. Evidence like video/audio clippings and photographs collected
b. Constant observation or shadowing
c. Detailed report on the target person
d. Target person’s networking

Our detectives at Inquisitor International Inc have a devoted team for all surveillance and monitoring cases. Our team of professionals provide guaranteed results as needed with Video and still photography.