Investigation Software

Investigation Software

Investigation Software

Investigation Software includes various features such as interceptors, monitoring, keylogging software, parental control and many others. We use advanced systems suitable for providing you with the right solution. It will be a great option for recording everything about the individual information, activities and history.

At Inquisitor International Inc, we have advanced Investigation Software which is quite powerful surveillance. This especially allows monitoring the devices discretely. Investigation Software can extensively track all internet histories, accounts logged and passwords on the devices. These also include networking activities along with social media accounts.

High-End Investigation Software:
The Investigation Software is enabled with amazing technology for easily keeping a complete record of the subject activities. The software will be a suitable option for tracking calls, messages, emails and many others. It will be a suitable option for finding what comes in and what goes out.

Inquisitor International Inc is a private detective agency that uses advanced Investigation Software as one of its prime technologies. These are significant options for easily conducting more numbers of investigations within a short time.

What Will You Get From The Investigation Software?
Our Investigation Software is a suitable option for you to easily find the exact information on the subject. All information is tracked properly with the end-to-end attributes. The experts’ team also makes sure that this tracking software provides the exact information.

We use certain advanced software which is legal and working in the industry. These are suitable to ensure that our client gets prominent results. Investigation Software will provide you with the following data about the subject.

i. Clients get the best results
ii. Call details, including recordings
iii. Data exchanged between them and other people
iv. Text messages that are sent and received
v. Record internet browsing history
vi. Track anti-social activities
vii. Maintain a log
viii. Tracking activities on all social media portals
ix. Analyze the Quick history

At Venus Inquisitor International Inc., our Investigation Software can track all computer-related activities. These also invoke the parental controls on portals required for parental discretion. These are suitable options to easily keep track of all sent or received mail. It will be efficient for blocking unwanted websites which are used by teenagers or kids.