Private Detactive Agency Faridabad

Private Detactive Agency Faridabad

Faridabad is the leading industrial center of Haryana having its border in National Capital Region of New Delhi. Faridabad is a self-sustained city having a plethora of food processing plants, health centres, educational institutions and more. Faridabad is also known for its strong industrial Hub with major manufacturing facilities. With the increased population, there is an increased chance of financial fraud, theft, burglary cases and more. Inquisitor International Inc is the leading detective agency ready to help you in revealing missing information. Our team is also well-versed in helping you verify the same with stated facts.

Best Detective Agency In Faridabad:
We at Inquisitor International Inc are the #1 private detective agency in Faridabad having its presence across the country. Our detective services are ultimate with innovative technology and techniques. We are quite focused on our work. Our investigators are ready to deal with all types of investigations that include the –
a. Matrimonial Investigation
b. Litigation support
c. Missing cases
d. Divorce case investigation
e. Corporate investigation
f. Cybercrime investigation

Inquisitor International Inc is a professional Detective Agency with years of experience in providing the best results. Our team especially adapts to modern technology with the scientific formulation. Our service has been widely appreciated by all people across the world. We are well versed in dealing with all the detective services.

Still Photography:
Are you in need of a private or corporate fraud investigation? We are ready to help you work diligently to bring the right evidence or proof. It would bring you a satisfactory conclusion for your investigation inquiry. At Inquisitor International Inc, our detectives are allied to using the latest high-end still photos and videography equipment. These are suitable options to easily resolve the enquiries at the earliest point. We use the best state-of-the-art.
i. Spying devices
ii. Recording equipment
iii. Covert cameras

Personal Investigation:
Inquisitor International Inc provides accurate evidence and proof especially incorporating the photos, videos and even voice recordings. Every update is associated with the evidence area unit. These will be absolutely confidential with making the clients secure. We give our clients the complete evidence support within the required time.

Family Case Investigation:
Do you want to have a Family Case Investigation? Inquisitor International Inc is the leading team of experts providing the best solution for family cases. When your family is doing something which you do not know, then you can easily consult our team. We would be helping you to easily find out what they are doing. All the investigations are helpful for your family members to be safe from any kind of wrongdoings or threats.

Divorce Case Investigation:
Our investigator specializes in multiple domains and works in investigating all the situations that include spouses being abused. Detectives collect the proof, so this evidence can be helpful in seeking a restraining order. These also act as the better option for pre-divorce relief that includes child support, custody matters as well as payment of legal fees. Detective Agency provides top secret information with the evidence.