IPR & Brand Protection

IPR & Brand Protection

IPR & Brand Protection

Normally, illegal use of legitimate brands, products and trademarks has widely increased in the modern day. It is quite difficult to track them. Inquisitor International Inc is the leading in providing a complete range of services like IPR & Brand Protection systems. We provide you with comprehensive solutions for international and domestic market leaders.

Our Intellectual Property Investigations:
We at Inquisitor International Inc assure to provide the best Intellectual Property Investigations based on our client’s requirement. We also support the regulatory and law enforcement agencies in investigating the manufacture and supply. Our team especially understands all intricacies of the local market and distribution dynamics, along with many others. We have years of experience in resolving assignments concerning violations of intellectual property and branding.

a. Identifying fake products
b. Place of manufacturing
c. Channels Operandi of distribution
d. Assistance in filings and Registrations of Patent
e. Expert advice on the issues related to Intellectual Property Rights Protection

Best Track Record:
Our investigators help companies identify threats to IP along with confidential information. It will be a great option to enable the supply chain to develop appropriate mitigation strategies. We have the necessary tools to investigate suspected infringements if any. Our team would establish a valuation of harm inflicted necessary for recovering the damages. The Intellectual Property Violation Includes:
i. Trademark infringement
ii. Patent infringement
iii. Brand imitation
iv. Data leaks
v Copyright infringement

Marketplace Investigation:
Inquisitor International Inc provides IPR & Brand Protection by creating a bespoke market along with retail test purchases. The main aim of the program is to provide an accurate assessment of any counterfeit or diverted products penetrating the area. Normally, these programs combine with advanced ones.
a. Statistical Modeling
b. Detailed Sampling Methodologies
c. Controlled Approaches
d. Crowd sourcing

We follow the wide array of investigative capabilities that include gathering intelligence on the dark web, social media analysis and more. We also get the sample acquisition with testing. We have experienced Cyber Risk experts who could easily track data manipulation, intrusions or any others.

Our Security Risk Management team also spot any kind of deficiency in the security procedures. Our team has strong working relationships with police officials, regulators, enforcement agencies and customs.