Insurance Investigation

Insurance Investigation

Insurance Investigation

Method of Video Recording and Photo Proof Evidence Collected By Our Insurance Investigators

Insurance investigation is a very useful tool for collecting evidence regarding a person, and the evidence can be used to present in court for a hearing.

Surveillance is the major task carried out by our insurance investigators with the help of equipment like secret cameras, online mapping programs, mobile phones and other excellent technological devices. 

Using these components, our insurance investigators collect photo proof and video recordings to find the actual truth about the suspect. Surveillance reveals where a person resides, works, and places they visit and identifies the suspect’s co-residents, partners, friends and spouses. This information is required to impose a debt and carry out an insurance investigation.

How do our insurance investigators collect proof?

When you want evidence that could stand up in court or want to simplify your mind ahead of taking an insurance decision, our insurance investigators will discover the complete story behind the suspected person. 

In the case of insurance surveillance, our insurance investigators depend on photographic proof obtained from their car window. Our insurance investigators also use advanced video equipment since video proof can make strong proof and be produced in court. 

In corporate matters like cheating on paying monthly insurance, the insurance investigation is vital, and our insurance investigators go the extra mile to ensure that the target is unaware of being followed.

Observation by insurance investigators:
Observation is the most helpful instrument for gathering proof about an alleged person. The proof collected by the detectives can clear the doubts of their clients, or it can be produced in court for any serious matters.

The detectives have many techniques in performing the observing operations by various advanced technology like using the hidden cameras in appropriate places and even fixing the camera or Bluetooth in the body of the alleged person without their knowledge of them. With this most updated and advanced technology, the detective will provide the report to their clients or in the court in the form of audio or video or pictures with the fact about the alleged person.

The detectives will not only collect information about the alleged person, and also they will collect information about the persons with whom the alleged person has contact. They will be careful in watching the information of the person. 

Use of recording equipment:

Our professional insurance investigators use the best-hidden video cameras and the long range of video recording devices to make a high-quality record for the case. We monitor internet traffic, cell phone and home calls, and trips to malls, workplaces, and remote rural areas. 

Our professional insurance investigators will collect the evidence you want and will pull together a complete package which is both indisputable and accurate. Finding out about it on your own can be greatly difficult, especially when you don’t know where to start. 

Our insurance investigators count on a huge collection of video surveillance equipment, including hidden cameras that can be worn on the suspect or placed in a vehicle. Our investigators are ready to help our clients in this situation with the help of the latest in surveillance equipment and techniques.