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We are a group of Private investigators, Spy agents, and Detectives ready to carry out an investigation instantly. We use Video and Audio Recordings, Shadowing and many methods for reporting you with evidence. Below are the lists of services we provide

Missing Person/Help Tracing

Missing Person/Help Tracing is most important for an efficiently operative workplace. Accurate Tracing require highly skilled agents to Investigate. We make sure about high personal use of office amenities with tracking technologies.

Labour Court Cases

Handling labour court cases involves thoroughly inspecting the situations and providing a 100% honest solution. Handling labour court cases are often more challenging and one of law enforcement’s most complicated tasks.

Background Checks

Background Checks are also called as Pre-Employment. Background check is crucial for hiring the right candidate for the right position. We carry out these investigations exactly to eliminate unnecessary future concerns.

Due Diligence

Corporate due diligence investigation helps the business to know about the person even before signing the legal contract. It is perfect for finding mergers, flotations, stock market exchanges, acquisitions as well as investments.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

We are the #1 Detective Agency having experts and skilled people to undertake wide-ranging cases. Our team has a higher success rate in cases we deal with.Our Detective agency is certified with years of experience.

Divorce Investigation

Do you suspect a cheating spouse? Contacting our divorce detectives agency which is helpful in investigating the complete situation for you. Our Investigation service uses a variety of techniques to substantiate claims of infidelity.

Infidelity / Cheating Spouse

Our infidelity private investigators are available to investigate all kinds of infidelity and adultery cases and provide different investigations right from the beginning.

Insurance Investigation

Theft Cases and Fraud Investigation case requires accurate information collected for the clients. Investigations are especially followed with details provided by the owner of stolen possession or even an individual who cheated of property, assets or money.

Welcome to Venus International Inc. - Detective Agency In Delhi

Venus International Inc is the top Professional Detective Agency known for its wide number of services in Delhi. Our team especially undergoes complete Background Verifications. Our team at Inquisitor International Inc comprises professional and dedicated detectives to help you with investigations. Our private detective agency in North Delhi decreases proximity between the executives and clients. Detective investigations are a very sensitive process, so our firm works under the shadow to bring you exact information. There are many detective agencies that can be seen in the modern day. Inquisitor International Inc remained at the top in finding the truth with a thorough investigation.

We take our Assignments very sincerely and determine to bring the exact report. Our Agency has a key appearance to play in making the best investigation of personal and economic crimes. We also deal with fraud and identity theft cases, scams, as well as phishing scams. At Inquisitor International Inc, our team of private detectives is ready to go on Undercover Operations. We do covert inspections efficiently for our clients.

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With more than 12 years of experience, Venus International Inc. works as a pioneer in customer satisfaction. We especially deliver excellence in private investigation. Our firm was established with the sole objective of providing professional solutions for private and organizational issues. We are here to provide you with goodwill and harmony with our customers.

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